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Since this feature is new I thought a little help might be needed.  If you look at the top row of buttons you'll see the "Wall" button right after your message button.  You can also find a link to your wall under the "Profile" button.  When you click on either of those buttons you'll be taken to your Wall where you can post text or photos.  It's like other walls on other social networking sites so if you've used any of those you'll be familiar with how they work.


You can post to your Wall and so can other members.  You have control over your Wall in that you can delete posts made there, both your own and others.


To see other member's Walls you have to first view their profile.  When you view other member's profiles you see a row of links; Profile, Info, Photos, Wall, Blog, Friends.  To see any of these features including their Wall just click on the appropriate link.


If anyone has any questions you can ask here in a comment or contact me using the form in the Help section.  Please remember that the rules of this site apply everywhere including the wall.  Only post content that is allowed.



BottomSeek Admin

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